Believe in me


hey my friends..2 day jepp wanna let u know wot my heart says bout something that i care much..

Please forgive me for not knowing how to make u happy,
Please forgive me for not knowing hot to listen to your heart,

Thinking of the past,
I've learned how to make you more peaceful,
Let's not fight,don't be stubborn, don't give up,
Say sorry,

Sometimes you will let me have my way,
Despite my merely eye,
Sometimes you will pretend you don't understand,
Secretly leaving me some space,

I've actually always kept those thing in my heart,
Please believe that i would cherish you,
Please believe that i would protect you,

A little love you,
You are my miracle,
Lovely think of you,
Please believe a person like me.

to these my special one just i need to say is i always heart u ever n ever...but who is the special one? hahaha..ade ar...

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