Tips for Catching Liars


kekawan sume..jum kite bace entry nih...amat besh n bermanfaat...act entry nih da lame nk update kt blog asyik lope cam zaman skunk nih byk sgt penipuan berlaku tol x? keeping promise yg entah ade entah kite sume tangkap sume penipu2 nih...kite bg die pengajaran dket..nk menipu kantoi....

to me tips nih amat berjaye jepp gnekn lam kehidupan dont get to easy on me okeh!

Parents often face the prospect of whether their child is lying to them. A husband or wife might believe their spouse is lying to them. But though you might suspect that a loved one is lying to you, it's often hard to know for sure.
Here are a few ways to tell if someone is lying to you. If someone displays any one of these traits, I wouldn't jump to conclusions and convince myself that person is lying. But if these warning signs begin to pile up, then you might be onto something.
Try to use logic to back up your impressions. If someone's story changes over time, then the person is more likely to be lying. It probably means that the person can't remember every detail of the lie.
Also, try to compare a suspected liar's behavior against that person's usual behavior. Deviations in behavior are often telling.

Body Language
1. Avoiding Eye Contact

2. Unnatural Hand Movement
Their hands touch their mouth, throat or other parts of the face. They scratch behind their ear, the top of their head of the end of their nose.

3. Personal Space Is Restricted
Hand and arms movements are towards their body in general. If the person is taking up less space, that is a sign they are being defensive and trying not to be noticed.

4. Stone Faced
Facial expressions can be described as stone-faced. This is the classic attempt to use a "poker face" to avoid being read.

5. Not Facing the Truth
The person turns away from you. If the person seems uncomfortable facing you while being questioned, by turning their face or their entire body away from you, then the person is probably hiding something.

6. Conflicting Body Language
If body language and expressions seem to contradict one another, this might mean that a person is lying. If a person expresses a positive emotion but has a negative look on their face, that person may not be telling the truth.

7. An Unnatural Smile
If a person smiles only with their mouth, this is a fake smile. When people smile a genuine smile, that person's eyes tend to squint, their cheeks raise and their forehead scrunches down.

8. Gestures Out of Sync
If a person's reaction time is delayed, this means they are thinking before they act. So if a person's smile or anger is delayed, this tends to be an unnatural reaction. The person is distracted at the very least, and possibly hiding something.

9. Builds a Wall Between You
If a person places objects between the two of you, this is a sign they are building a kind of barrier between an accuser and himself or herself. This barrier might be a cup, a tray of food, a laptop computers, a book or most any other object.

The Liar's Rhetoric

1. If a person mumbles when answering your questions, this means they are trying to muddle their way through the conversation and avoid speaking the truth.

2. If a person evades the question or doesn't give a direct answer, this might mean that person is trying to avoid a direct lie.

3. If a person answers your question by repeating your words, the person may be buying time to think of a lie or evasion.

4. A person who over enunciates their words is more likely to be lying. A person who uses contractions in their speech is more likely to be telling the truth. This is a more natural, relaxed way of speaking. The liar might be trying to overcompensate.

5. A person who uses sarcasm to avoid your questions, this is a defense mechanism. Humor is also a common way to avoid answering with the truth. Of course, humor and sarcasm have many uses besides hiding untruths.

6. If you change the subject, a liar is likely to be happy to change the subject with you and discuss anything but those situations involving their lies. A truthful person being accused of lying is much more likely to return to that subject, to defend their truthfulness.

No Hard and Fast Rules

These signs all point towards lying and deception. This does not mean people exhibiting these behaviors are not always lying. Every person is different. Some people are not comfortable in conversation at any time. Others might be avoiding certain subjects because they aren't in the mood to discuss it or because they are distracted by something else. Try to use these signs as a guide to follow up hunches or to support factual inaccuracies.

The Habitual Liar

These signs suppose a normally truthful person who is lying for specific reasons, such as a child wishing to avoid punishment for a "bad" behavior. In the case of the habitual liar, not all of these signs might work.
Unfortunately, some people become so comfortable with lying that lying becomes a natural act for them. They become practiced at it. Even then, a person is likely to betray some hint that they are lying. So I would suggest you rely more heavily on your logic and fact-finding skills when dealing with such a person, or simply avoid the person altogether.

so to all penipu kt luar sane...berhati2 la..coz my readers da taw care nk tangkap kowg mesti saket kn ble kte taw owg yg kite syg nih menipu handle with care larh eh...ala...kowunk pon paham kn?

How to become a model


nih jepp nk share kt kekawan sume..hehehe...sajer je nk letak entry nih...jepp taw dlm setiap hati manusia mesti nk jadi model..tak kire la model ape...yang pending nk jd model...

model nih bg jepp cam idola la gak..coz ape yg model selalu buat akan menjadi ikutan kepada mereka yang minat model tersebut...kowunk layan la cane nk jadi model yg gempak...=]

The 14 MUST KNOW SECRETS to becoming a professional model

Lets get this straight... YOU CAN BECOME A MODEL!!!

There is a common misconception about the modeling business...

The misconception being... "You must be super skinny, super tall and super sexy to become a model".


And it is especially not true, Right Now!!!

If you look at hundreds of different TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards... you will see that every different look is being used in advertising.

The truth is, that advertisers need to target every different group of people in our society! And you are a part of our vast society as well!!

There are people that like the same things as you and that think, dress and look similar to you too! These are who you will market the best to!

And especially now a days the variety in models is huge... There is a huge demand for normal average looking people.

Just the other day, I was informed of a casting for a glasses commercial. The client specifically stated that the model must wear glasses in real life and that they needed to be...JUST AVERAGE looking

And of course there is always work for people who are naturally... sexy.

to be a model, YOU need to be the one with the pure confidence and fearlessness.

YOU need to have more confidence than the agents and clients you meet. They need to want YOU, because of how YOU make them feel

*Note: Sexy is not so much a look, as it is a personality!

so pe ag..kowunk g la mane2 agensi model n daftar untuk diri kowunk...huhuhu..jepp da de modeling pple...

surat untuk emak


jejepp ade satu interested entry untuk kali ini...sgt menyedihkn sampai pilu hati jejepp nih...sebak pon ade...nk menitiskn air mate pon ade...entry nih kawan jepp bg..shah mekasih bg entry nih kt jepp...sayu dowh bace...jepp nk kongsi ngan sume readers jepp lah....kasi kite sume sedar k..

selamat membace...

Bacalah surat yang ditulis oleh Umar Zahrawi berdasarkan pengalamannya sendiri..
Baca sambil dengar Haddad Alwi and Sulis - ummi
Terlalu bosan rasanya duduk membilang hari…..
Dah hampir sepuluh bulan mak pergi,
Rasanya baru semalam mak peluk kiter kan sejuk syahdu masih terasa lagi nih….
Mak tau tak…..
itu lah pertama kali mak peluk anak mak yang nakal ni sejak kiter dewasa…..
dan itu juga terakhir kali nya.
Emmmm…rupanya mak dah tau mak nak pergi jauh…..
nak tinggal kan anak2 mak….. nak tinggal kan dunia fana ni…..
mak macam dah sedia…..
Seminggu sebelum tu…..
mak dah menganyam tikar mengkuang 3 helai…..
Akak kata sampai ke pagi mak anyam tikar tuu….
tanpa rasa mengantuk, tanpa rasa letih…..
kakak pun rasa hairan…..
mak tak penah buat gitu…..
pastu mak pasang radio kecil di sebelah mak…..
tapi mak seolah2 tak sedar bahawa rancangan radio tu siaran siam …..
kengkadang siaran indonesia …
mak terus tekun menganyam…
Rupanya tikar yang telah mak siapkan tu di gunakan untuk mengiringi mak ke kuburan…
Pastu mak sapu sampah sekeliling rumah bersih2….
pastu mak jemur karpet-karpet. ..
pastu mak ubahkan sofa ke tempat lain..
mak biarkan ruang tu kosong..
rupanya kat situ jenazah mak diletakkan..
paling menarik sekali mak bgtau kat maner sume duit dan barang kemas mak..
ada kat dalam almari…..
ada kat dalam dalam beg…..
ada dalam ASB…..
ada kat dalam Tabung Haji..
mak cakap tak berapa cukup lagi….
ada kat dalam gulung tikar…..
masa tu mak perasan takk..??
kiter gelak sakan bila mak bgtau duit dalam gulung tikar…
kiter kata mak ni memang pesenn lama laaa…
mak cuma gelak jer…
eeemmm..bahagiaa nya saat ituu..
Hari tu hari sabtu 18/08/1999 pukul 3 petang mak tiba2 sakit perut…..
bila malam tu kiter sampai dari KL…..
mak dah dalam kesakitan.
Akak dan abang kat kampong semua dah pujuk…..
mak tetap takmau pi hospital…. .
dan cuma tinggal giliran kiter sahaja yang belum pujuk..
Mak kata mak takmau duduk dalam hospital….
tapi kiter berkeras juga pujukk..
nanti di hospital ada doktor…
ada ubat untuk mak..
kat rumah kami hanya mampu sapu minyak dan urut jer..
Mak tetap tak bersetuju… ..
mak memang degil..
tak salah, anak mak yang ni pon mengikut perangai mak tu..
Tapi akhirnya bila melihat keadaan mak makin teruk….
mak sakit perut sampai nak sentuh perut mak pon sakit
kami adik beradik sepakat hantar juga mak ke hospital…. ..
amponkan kami semua…
kami nak mak sehat…
kami sayang mak…
kami tak mau mak sakit…
kami terpaksa juga hantar mak ke hospital….
ampon kan kami yer mak….
Malam itu abang bawa mak ke hospital
dan itu lah pertama dan terakhir kali mak naik kereta kiter…
Masih terbayang betapa ceria dan gembiranya mak,
kiter kata nak beli kereta….
Mak asyik tanya ajer..
cukup ker duitt..
kiter jawab pula…
kalau tak cukup, mak kan banyak duit…
mak gelak ajerr…..
Lepas tu bila kereta kiter sampai….
mak buat kenduri kesyukuran.. …
Dan kiter masih ingat lagi…
bila kiter eksiden terlanggar Ah-Chong naik motor…..
Punya la kiter takut…
kiter warning kakak kiter jangan sesekali bgtau kat mak…..
Bila balik sahaja kampong….
kiter cepat-cepat simpan keta dalam garaj…..
Tapi mak perasan juga bumper depan kemek…
mak tanya kenapa…?
Selamba jerr kiter jawab terlangar pokok bunga…..
tujuan kiter menipu tu supaya mak tak risau…
Maafkan kiter kerana sampai mak pergi mak tak tau hal sebenar…
mak, kiter menipu mak kan …
ampon kan kiter….
Jam 4.30 pa gi 19/08 /2006
Bila tiba aja kat hospital….
nurse tengah balut mak dengan kain putih…..
mak mesti nampak kiter jatuh terduduk di lantai hospital…
Mesti mak nampak abang cium dahi mak…..
Mesti mak nampak akak baca doa untuk mak….
Mesti mak nampak adik terduduk kat kerusi kat sudut itu…
mesti mak nampak semua tu kann…kann. .kannn
Mak tau tak….
Pagi tu balik dari hospital jam 5.20 pagi kiter mamandu dalam keadaan separuh sedar…
Adik kat sebelah diam melayan perasann…
Kenangan bersama mak berputar dalam kepala ini…
jalan di depan terasa makin kelam…..
airmata dah tak mampu di tahan….
Masa tu seandainya apa-apa terjadi di jalan itu kiter rela…
Namun alhamdulillah akhirnya kiter sampai juga…
di sebab kan pagi masih awal, jadi jalan tu lenggang..
kosong. …sekosong hati ini…..
Sepanjang perjalanan terasa kedinginan subuh itu lain benar suasananya.. …..
terasa syahdu dan sayu…dinginnnn. ….
Kiter masih ingat lagi…
Kiter baca AlQuran kat tepi mak temankan mak…
Jam 11.00 pagi mak di mandi kan ….
Anak2 mak yang pangku masa mak mandi….
Mak mesti rasa betapa lembut nya kami mengosok seluruh tubuh mak…..
Kiter gosok kaki mak perlahan lahan…..
Mak perasan tak…?
Makcik yang mandikan mak tu pujuk kiter…..
Dia kata…” dikk…jangan nangis…kalau sayang mak jangan buat gitu…jangan nangis ya..”
Bila makcik tu kata gitu…
lagi laaaa laju airmata ni..
tapi kiter kawal supaya tak menitik atas mak….
Sampai takat ini surat ni kiter tulis…..
kiter nangis ni…..
Ni kat dlm bilik…baru pukul 4.00 pagi….
Takder orang yang bangun lagi…..
kiter dengar nasyid tajuk “anak soleh” kiter sedih…
kiter rindu kat mak..!
Takpa la….
nanti bila kita selesai sembanyang subuh,
kiter baca yassin untuk mak…
mak tunggu ya..!
Sebelum muka mak di tutup buat selamanya… .
Semua anak2 mak mengelilingi mak…
menatap wajah mak buat kali terakhir….
Semua orang kata mak seolah2 senyum aja…
Mak rasa tak….
masa tu kiter sentuh dahi mak….
kiter rasa sejukkkk sangat dahi makk…..
Kiter tak mampu nak cium mak…
kiter tak daya….
kiter tuliskan kalimah tauhid kat dahi mak dengan air mawar…
Airmata kiter tak boleh tahan….
Mak mesti ingat kan yang anak mak ni jadi imam solat jenazah untuk mak…
tapi kite suruh tok imam bacakan doa sebab kite sebak….
Jam 12 tengahari mak diusung keluar dari rumah….
Akak pula dah terkulai dlm pelukan makcik…
badan akak terasa panas…
anak mak yang seorang tu demam….
Mak tauu…
cuma akak sorang saja anak mak yang tak mengiringi mak ke tanah perkuburan.. .
Hari2 ku lalui tanpa kewujudan mak lagi…
Begitu terasa kehilangan mak…
boleh kata setiap malam selepas maghrib anak mak ini berendam airmata…
Dan sampai satu tahap….
masa tu malam jumaat selepas maghrib…
Selepas kiter baca yassin ngan kawan-kawan. ….
entah kenapa biler kat bilik kiter keluarkan gambar2 mak pastu apa lagi…
semakin kiter tenung terasa semakin sayu…
tangisan tak dapat dibendung…
Mak tauu…
kiter cuba bertahan…
memujuk diri sendiri tapi tak juga reda…
Kiter rasa nak telefon mak…
nak cakap dengan mak….
anak mak yang ni dah tak betul kan …?
Dan akhirnya dalam sedu sedan itu kiter telefon kampong…
Kiter cakap dengan kakak..kiter nangis lagi…
Puas la kakak memujuk kiter…
Akak kata…” tak baik laa nangis aje..doa lah untuk mak..”
Dan akhirnya akak juga nangis…..
Mak tau tak..
di saat itu kerinduan terasa menusuk sehingga ke hulu hati…
rasa nyilu sangat…
menusuk-nusuk sehingga terasa begitu sakit dalam dada ni….
Sampai sekarang bila kerinduan itu menjelma…
hanya sedekah al-fatihah kiter berikan…..
cukup la sampai sini dulu….
kawan kiter dah ketuk pintu bilik tu….
kejap lagi kami nak pergi solat subuh kat masjid…
selalunya, kiter yang bawak mak naik motor kan ….
kali ni kiter jalan kaki dengan kawan pulak…
esok kiter ingat nak tulis surat kat ayah pula….
Mula2 kiter tak tau nak hantar mana surat nih…
pastu kawan kiter bgtau…
simpan je buat kenangan..
Kiter cuma tau alamat ni aje…
Takper yer mak…
kiter kasi orang lain baca…
Kiter stop dulu…
sebab kawan kiter dah lama tunggu tu…
akhir kata untuk mak,
dan jutaan terima kasih kerana membesarkan kiter…
memberi seluruh kasih sayang dari kecil sampai masuk sekolah..
sampai masuk unibesiti..
sampai kiter boleh rase naik kapal terbang…
boleh rasa duduk kat negara orang…
sampai akhir hayat ini jasa mak tak akan mampu kiter balas..
Sekian terima kasih,
Yang Benar Anak mak yang dah tak degil
-bilanglah jasa ibumu jika kamu mampu-

so egtlah kepada mereka yang melahirkn serta membesarkn kite dengan ape care sekalipon...kereta,buku,teddybear,rumah dll boleyh ditukar mak,ibu,mama,ummi hanye 1 untuk seorang anak dimuke bumi nih...

Part 2 - Student UniKL Projek [Street Fasion]


now is the 2nd part of projek student unikl nih...uhuhuhu...die da publish kt mespes..jepp bru jer dapat keizinan dari pihak student tuh ntok publish kn part 2 nih..
easy to say la...part 2 nih lak lebey kureng hasil yg dapat diberikan oleh budak unikl nih...

so jepp nk tunjuk all readers la pic yg diedit oleh shah(tuan punye pengarah) far mmg okeh2 n kiut2 muke ktowg dibuatnyer..hehehe...layanz...dushdush...

ade style?

si poyo weyh!

die cun kowt!

shade nk best jerh!

sewel is her middle name..=]


kami verse 2..^^

F.Y.I shah nih ade die nyer studio..ala ala berangan la nk ade studio studio die Shahriz Espanda nk gempak jerk..ok2...abih la mati aku kene tibai ngan shah nti...=]

setakat nih...hanye ini yg leyh jepp publish kn...ahahahaha...tokey ta bagi publish lelebey...masih underconstruction...wakaka...make sure eh nantikn part 3...part 3 nih jepp nk btaw cket..part 3 merupakan part terakhir dimane shah akan bitaw jepp ape hasil dr project dr lect kte tunggu same kayh!

thx 4 da time my beloved readers..

Part 1 - Student UniKL Projek [Street Fasion]


huhuhu...ari ahad awituh jepp ade shootink ntok kekawan jepp la..die nih student unikl so die minta tulun jepp g..ngan aty yg mulia jepp pun tulun ar ngan ikhlas.. shootink nih ntok yg jepp taw.."jepp ko reti makeup smokey eyes x?, nty tulun shah boley?" tu la antara dialogue yg telah jepp olah kn..

dowg lak nk shootink tempat yg ade graffiti...terus terpancul kt pale jepp..kt s.alm ade port yg ade graffiti g dowg pon on jer...

tgh makeup nih..

sowunk ag..

hok jantan pulok..

tibe ari ahad..afta jpe client jepp...jepp terus jpe dak2 nih kt giant s.alam..lunch dlu..pastu lepak umah jepp..bukan lepak kosong da..lepak ntok makeup2 model2 nih la.. kowg tgk ar sndiri hasil makeup jepp..

ok ke hah? ruse dowh..

sorry la mane2 model jepp ta letak...nk upload pic lembab ar...size bsar sgt kowt..ok pas siap2 je makeup dowg...jepp pon touch up sket muke jepp..then of we go...g la kat port yg de graffiti tuh...uhuhu..agak semart ar..kowg saksikan la sendiri...


si gedik!

mintak lempang je.. huhuhu..

cun x?

jepp panggel die yitik..^^

yang pasti lam projek nih...jepp jd makeup artist,coordinator,imej consultant,location finder dan juge byk keje tp ilek masalah pon..huhuhu.. tp as a pengalaman jer..da membermember tade la nk berkire sgt..hehehe..ekhlas jer...syah sok banje jepp KFC taw..uhuhuhu..

jepp nk masuk byk pic image uploader lembab ar...tention jer...nih ade pic kami yang last tp jepp paling suke..chemart kowt..^^ kowunk nilaikn la sendiri..



to all my friends n link..jepp nk btaw jepp nyer blog akan bertukar name dr kepade lupe take note eh..tuka la url kt page kowg taw..plish2...

segale kesulitan amat dikesali..ampun...n jgn lupe selalu lawat my blog k..syg kowg weyh...muuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhxxx!

ala..cume tambah 'the' je...tape en..sorry sume...

my own business card


uhhu..yeahyeah! jejepp da ade business card sendiri yeay! so kekawan kalo kowg perlukn perkhidmatan photographer ataw service2 dr mediaungu kontek jer jepp k..nih business card jepp..

kt tepi page jepp nih ade link ke mediaungu nk senang ko terus je click kt business card tuh..uhuhu...egt contact jepp eh..

so amacam? cun tak business card jepp? hehehe..

the mediaungu services


jepp ade interesting entry now jepp salu ckp jepp bz en? so jepp nk share ngan kowg ar...act jepp keje ngan kawan jepp..die nih ade company company tuh mediaungu services...jgn pk service len plak..wahahaha..

ok ok..adam thephotographer merupakan peneraju utama mediaungu services ini disahkan berlesen pada awal tahun 2008 me as his partner merupakan seorg PA, member kamcheng, penasihat peribadi, coordinator, helper and macam2 ag da..

so ni merupakan busines kad mediaungu services...dam aku publish ujung bulan gaji kasi up ar...ahahaa..joke jer..dalam kad tuh tertera no tipon si adam sesape yang memerlukan photographer boleh la berunding ngan jejepp atau pon berunding terus kepada si mangsa buli jejepp ini..ahahaha..sian ko dam...uhuhu..

company ini melakukan perkhidmatan jurugambar..ala photographer la..then antare service len yg ade...banyak gak la..
antaranye :
- photo printing
- designing
- colour printing
- business card
- wedding card
- banner & bunting
- photo retouching
- brochure & pamphlet
- portfolio

ni lah antara kerja2 yang jepp lakukn bersamesame ngan adam nampak cam sikit tak masuk ag g jpe client, discuss ngn owg2 atasan yang ade songeh tersendiri..hehe jgn terase da ar eh..mati aku kene rejam ngan adam pasnih..ahaha.. then yang beshnyer kt cni pengalaman and dapat kepuasan apabila client berpuas hati ngan penerangan jepp (even aku ni baru je jd partner adam ni) pepe pon jepp mesti ar berteimakasih kepada si adam nih(pe g blanje KFC ar pasnih dam)..

antara gambar hasil nukilan si photographer ni boleh anda lawati lawan web adam sendiri..ala..ade kt link jejepp tuh..kt jer...konpom ade leyh tgk contoh ngan lebey jelas ok!

so sesaper nk amik photographer or memerlukan service yang disediakan oleh mediaungu service jgn lpe btaw jepp k...with my big hand jepp tadahkan..huhuhu..maju anak malaysia..yeah! ^^

thx 4 ur tyme k sume..

ke TENTION an...


tention ar..nape 2 kali jepp nk upload pic lam blog taley! geram seyh..nak update blog pon mnyakitkn ati! grrrrr...! sesape please tolong jepp...nape actually eh? ke laptop gue yang sudah bengong! jepp ade byk entry but taley nk masuk pic! ta meriah ar!!! ad0yai..!!

to whom who know y...please btaw jepp k! luv u sume ok!



ahaha...shameer sebuah name yang agak besh aite? ekceli shameer nih is about one lil boy name shameer...jejepp met him dlm KTM..tyme tuh nk g umah mak agkt jepp n some other fwen..cerita bermula..(wah! cam nk wat kesah pjg lak..=])..ok2 cenggini ar mudah..

tyme tuh kt station ktm subang jaya budak shameer 1 famely masuk train..sebab jepp dr station bt 3..they all dok memblakangkn jepp..tape la..pada mulenyer jepp nyampah ngan budak shameer nih bising nk mampus! saket aty..aku nk ilek pon ta leyh..

pastuh terase ade owg pegang pale jepp..jepp pusing ar..rupenyer dak bertuah tuh pegang pale aku..perghh..geram jap..ble pusing budan tuh ckp "abang teyen teyen" sambil tunduk pic train KTM kt dinding train KTM nih..aku terus sengih..aku ckp la.. "calam calam abg pat" pastu dia salam jepp then die cium tangan jepp..alololo cumel dow dak nih..

nih la si shameer tuh..

at first egt nk tego camtuh jer..then memandangkn seat sebelah jepp kosong..ngan ttbe jer budak tuh ade kt sebelah...pergh budak nih pramah tol kaw..mama die kiut weyh..jepp pon layan la dak tuh...dah tuh budak tuh suke bangat ngn jepp..

comel kan?

die nih da la comel..pastuh pandai bgambar dowh..serius cakap...dah la peramah..dalam sedar xsedar lame2 die da ade kt pangkuan jepp da..da macam anak aku dah budak nih...mama shameer senyum jer kt aku..adeyh...anak ngn mak da minat aku ker? terperasan lak jepp nih...ahaha...

jepp takan lupe kt shameer.!

sayang sekali jepp sempat snap pic budak tuh jer..time nk snap pic jepp ngn die batery henpon menyatekn ke "low" an die..adoi! saket ati...tape la..atleast aku ade pic budak nih..n ade kisah aku ngn shameer..

paling lawak skali ade lah..time nk blah tuh...ktowg ntah cane ley trun kt station yg same...shameer nih semangat kejar jepp "abg abg..adik nk abg...okong okong" minta jepp dokong die..jepp tgk mama die..mama die just senyum..jepp pon dokong la..then die men tinge jepp..pastu die men rantai jepp..besh la..ta henti2 aku kish pipi si shameer tuh...cumel bangat seyh!!! grrrr...pastu ble papa die da dtg aku tdiam jup... die gle wonder la die chumel...aku salam jer la ngn papa shameer sambil mnyerahkn anak die..

nak tak ape shameer buat?die menanges kt papa die...die minta papa die turun kn die..then die lari kt jepp "nak abg nk abg" terharu beb! budak tuh tinggalkn papa die ntok aku....pastuh jepp pujuk die..jepp kate "abg nk g jpe momok..momok makan budak nati die makan adik..abg lak nanges" pastu aku geletek perot shameer sampai ta tahan die gelak..then jepp tgglkn kt mama die..then jepp bla dgn prasaan yang sedih..
n sebak...budak tuh time kecik2 ade ayah still tanak ngn ayah jejepp time kecik2 tade ayah...sibuk nk g kt ayah owg..

ucapan buat shameer : jepp takan lpekn shameer sampai bile2...dalam ta sedar shameer ade mengajar jepp pelbagai benda..n jepp sangat bersyukur even train jepp ekceli delay 30min jepp bersyukur sebab tuhan nk pertemukan jepp ngn shameer..ily shameer..

Eid el Fitri : Celebration


ta sangke en da abih pon bulan pose...uhuhuhu..tyme to me n sape yg pena ponteng pose tu to repent n ganti k! ahahaha....this year nyer raye celebration is just as simple as la balik kg pon ta sampai 24 jam..sedeyh ar..

my hometown kt gemas, n9...tahun nih ta tolong nenek pon buat ketupat or ta besh jer rase..yer la balik last pose afta berbuke then return kl back at 5 at first day raye..apeape aje la...but dis my duet raye is more better then last year..ahaha...ntah ar nape...sedare ta ramai balik...

"anak jantan ekau nih bapo umo eh ida? PMR ko SPM tahun nih?" kata salah sowg kawan mama kt mama..ahaha...gile mude en..butbut.. trime jer ar..ahaha..tuh pasal kowt doet raye agak lebey dis year...amount die tayah btaw ar..ta sampai RM 1 000 pon..besebese jer..cukup ar beli cermin mate baru n new college bag n some shirts...uhuhuhu..

happy famely dowh!

nak collect duet raye ag ar..=]

my sis yang bambam..^^

uhuhu..muke buhjet..

terkenang saat kecik2 kt kampung...raya da ta same...

so afta sampai kl...raye ke-2 uh leyh lak g sunway men es skating ngan mama n si kembar 2 ekor tuh...ahaha...

nih pic lame..pic men es sketing aritu ta amik..

mak aih punyer la pening pale jepp tyme kt sunway tuh..mane ta nyer..mat bangla n mat endon bersepah2 dowh..pening aku...bau bawang da la sekuat2 alam..pergh...nak muntah darah pon ade...=]

k2..smpi cni jer kowt dulu..pape nty jepp update ag k..thx 4 ur times readers..^^

Believe in me


hey my friends..2 day jepp wanna let u know wot my heart says bout something that i care much..

Please forgive me for not knowing how to make u happy,
Please forgive me for not knowing hot to listen to your heart,

Thinking of the past,
I've learned how to make you more peaceful,
Let's not fight,don't be stubborn, don't give up,
Say sorry,

Sometimes you will let me have my way,
Despite my merely eye,
Sometimes you will pretend you don't understand,
Secretly leaving me some space,

I've actually always kept those thing in my heart,
Please believe that i would cherish you,
Please believe that i would protect you,

A little love you,
You are my miracle,
Lovely think of you,
Please believe a person like me.

to these my special one just i need to say is i always heart u ever n ever...but who is the special one? hahaha..ade ar...