tag from mike


adeh...now i just taged by someone who i just gt to know...ok la mike...i will answer the tag anyway...i'm free now...kalo tak haram nk reply tag ko...naahhhh kidin..uhuhu

What is your Fav perfume?
DKNY redDELICIOUS and DKNY beDELICIOUS for sure...da smell is so damned make me horny..lalala~

Do you own a gun?
Yeah, i was born with a strong-meat gun. Wanna find out?(follow jawapan mike...mike aku pon ade strong-meat gun la...nak test..ops..=])

Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
ahaha...what a funny question...normally kalo da serius the i'll meet doctor la...takuase jepp nk jpe doctor...

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
touge-piercing,eyebrow-piercing,nipple n belly button-piercing(coming soon)

Favorite hobby?
swimming,clubbing,chating,ngumpating (doest it count?)

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment?
penat (baru balik tgk chelsea vs arsenal), rase nk muntah, i wanna make love rite now(pelik secare ttbe)

Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
mineral water which is so needed, 100 plus n ice lemon tea (my favourite babe!)

3 current worries?
my future, my future, my future....

Current hate right now?
someone who is so annoying n disgusted...f*ckface!!!

Favorite place to be?
heaven (i insist heaven is the place i wanna be at..)

Where would you like to go?
my mom ask me to go to aussie..work there as chef de cuisine...pergh...tatahan my mom...

What shirt are you wearing?

none...yeah! love to be naked all the time...

Favorite color?

red,black,gold,ungu, easy to say the color of life la babe

Would you be a pirate?
yes! a gay pirate...sounds cool man...u can fuck every one u wanted to as u wish..but safety first..lalalala...

What songs do you sing in the shower?
ahahaha..the kelapa n orkid song..."kelapa dan orkid baik untuk rambut...saya nk balik duit saye" so funny man...

Favorite Girl’s Name?
something more to arabic sound..such as qisra, jamelah, qatrun and so on...

Favorite Boy’s name?
yeah!! something that started with capital "J" like jeffry (my name la), Johnson, Joseph, Joshua n much more to throw here.

What’s in your pocket right now?
i just wearing a tite boxer that it...no pocket la!

Last thing that made you laugh?
talking bout something funny(bout melancap..lawak gile babe!) with my housemate...

Worst injury you’ve ever had?
broken hearted is the most injury..it takes me a year to forget bout it..saket weyh!!!

Name 3 other words for penis:
boboi (i call mine as it) kotey and konek (sume sebut camtuh dowh..)

Name 3 other words for vagina: puki,pantat n cipap...ahahaha...sedap tuh...adeh mulut aku cam sial

Name 3 other words for tits:
biar aku jer taw sudeyh!

lazy to tag anyone else la...but sape rajin tag la...jepp ta pakse...but...its fun sometimes when u answer a tags ryte? ikut encik la encik...bahaha..

maafin gueh ya


disini gue butoh kemaafan dari tementemen gueh yang mana mencari gueh selama ini...emangnya gueh busy lorh...dengan asigmtnya dengan projeknya....kangen sekali gue update blog ini...tp...masanya enggak suai deh...tiap masa aja mesti ada yang teleponin gueh..."jepp jgn lupa briefing", "jepp jgn lupe meeting" "petang ni smpi mlm eh" "jgn ta dtg!"...waduh...semua dialogue ini jepp dptin dr tementemen kuliahan....ampun ya tementemen sekalian...nty jepp update ttg kes best...jepp kene tolak motor di highway...nantikn kisahnya ya...peace..

my new pierce


heeee..lame ta update blog..ntah bape ari ta update..actually jepp mmg nk update smalam..but..hmmm..cam malas jer nak menaip...wahahaha...tapetape..continue to our entry ok... this entry is about jejepp get his new pierce...wanna know where? huhuu..i gt an eyebrow pierce..
damned!! besh gile..da la ta saket..thenthen murah n so affordable..


jgn ttpu taw..my tounge pierce tu da lame..its about 2 years i think..then afta that i did my pierce at my rite ears...which is sumone pay 4 it..wahaha..then i did my self my left ear piercing...gle en? but thats not so crazy...because afta a few month...jepp did bellow lips pierce by my ownself gak..wakaka...saket mmg ar..but...layan...

so this picture yg uol tgk taken by lastnite..uhuhuhu... i did this eyebrow pierce at sg. wang plaza..which s only cost me rm60 include the stud n the antiseptic..cool rite? so ape ag..jum menggile cam jepp...weeee....

i got the answer


jepp da dpt jawapan bagi kesengsaraan 2 hari lepas itu....
die da berpunyer....
jepp masih pelik bin heran! kalo str8 nape dance camtuh ngan aku!!!!
jepp pegang pade prinsip jepp....
"takan bengkokkn yg straight"
sgt bermoral....
dinch la bout that person....tp.....
jepp masih terpk kn someone else...
yang ada pada mlm2 insiden..
die so sweet...
so cute gak...
tp ntah cane lak si sorg ag nih ley wat aku lpe pada sowg ag nih....hmm...

we talk bout that other person k..
die baek woh...
die aproach kt ms..
so ok la..
tp jepp suke gak ble die aproach...
tp sedeyhnyer..
time tuh aku ngah angau ngan sowg ag tuh...

dr segi bacaan jepp..
die nih sowg yang baek..
pemberi semangat...
die yg sajes kt jepp tindik bhgn kanan kening...
kalo x jepp men bOoH jer..

hope jepp dapat teruskn hub yang baek ngn si sowg ag nih...
bermule ngan berkenalan...
n percintaan kalo ade jodoh...
but really dowh...
ble sebut name die...
jepp rase secured la...
rase sejuk...
rase bahagie..
hope perasaan itu kekal la kn...

3 nobita


jepp dapat lepaskn dendam rindu kesumat kt adeq jepp...si kembar due ekor 2..ekor lak..bontot jer..ahaha...act jepp da lame ta balek umah mama...last balik pon balik meninggah..but arituh n smalam balik tido...besh!!!!

sesampai di rumah jer yg adik ckp "ba jeff.. where is the game that u said u bought 4 us?" kuang hajor nyer adik! game yg die mintak dlu...ok la tu agpon jepp da janji nk belikn game ntok dorg tuh..."ba jeff! nice hair la ba jeff! u look handsome..." ni lak si abg ckp ngn jepp..si abg nih mmg rapat ngn jepp...ye la adik abg katenyer..coz yg si adik rapat ngn kakak jepp..

nih game yg disebut2 tadi..

dorg masuk bilik sebuk try game tuh bes ke idak...so far dorg ckp "ba jeff that game u bougth 4 us so nice! best! we like it.." aduh seb bek dorg suke...btw forget to tell u peeps out there.. my home language basically is in english..the best thing is my bro dua org tu always get b+ for their bahasa but 4 english no need to worried...ahahaha...

then...mlm jumaat the all sleep with mama...as usual if daddy's not at home...then the next day jepp tido ngn they all..besh!!!!!!!!!!!!dapat pelok gemok n kuwus...ahahaha....

adengan di bawah inilah hasil bile 3 nobita bertemu...camera? our faveret! ahaha...

ni la ragam 3 beradik berkaca mata...hahaha..act all my famely members pakai glasses...dr yg kecik smpi la yg tue..ahahahah..sume silau lebey!!! pening jepp...senang gak nk recognise famely members jepp kalo kt kg or anywhere...muke jepp n adik2 lebey kurg ble pki speck...so tada masalah kowt...

peliknyer bout this twin...ahahaha..yg adik lebey besar dr abg...wakakaka...kalo owg tgk bukan setahun satu but dua tahun satu...just imagine yg adik berat 45kg n yang abg berat 25kg...n me plak 55kg...ahaha lebey sepuluh jer dr si adik...

aksi2 kami di medan pertempuran...ala ps2 jer kowt..but...sonok weyh ble da maen sesame..ley gado...ley happy...ble da victory...mesti kitowg pelok...ahahaha...F.Y.I adik2 jepp sgt manje ngn jepp ok!!! ahhaha...

yang penting jepp da lepaskn rindu nk pelok,tido n ciom adeq jepp 2 owg nih....Danial Hazim n Hazman Danish ur bro always love u two!!! nak nakal pon ngn mama jer ok! ngn aku abih la kowg kene dushdush!!! wahahahaha....

what happen to me???


this entry is all about one person yg jepp ta lay lupe till now..
kenape yer???
jepp pelik la...
act i met this person kt club last wednesday..
that time die smpi lambat..
but jepp still cant forget his smile n cuteface!!!
in that time jugak jepp da mabOk gile!
so dinch bout that day..
then2 jumaat malam sabtu we met again for da 2nd time..
this time i came earlier..
n this person "hey" me excitedly...
gembire la jepp..

da masuk SUNSHINE..
da minum..
pale ade pening sket..
cam bese la..
jepp akan dance ngn best gurlfriend jepp..
but jepp still notice yg die memandang ke arah jepp..
malu ade, bangge ade, tertanye pon ade..
daaaaaaah! ignore it...

tuptap tuptap...
jepp terinvite die dance with jepp...
so howt weyh!!!
we dance like we're a spesial..
nk jer comolot kt citu gak..
but cover beb cover..

dance dance dance..
still dance dance dance..
nonstop dance dance dance...

smpi la lagu slow..
u know whut?
jepp n this person dance cam owg ngah highly in love..
with head to head..
nose to nose..
ta voley blah!!

then bile nk balik...
ktowg gathered jup depan SUNSHINE club..
then chitchating then berpisah..
jepp ta amik no tipon die..
die still ade kt dpan club..
ape ag..
jepp pon soh la agent jepp mintak no tipon...

but helppp me!!!!!!!
i cant forget that person..
name die pon still in this head...
muke die asyik terbayang....
but i dunno wether die tu str8 o not..
kantoi sudah..

to peeps who read this..
please help me..
should i msg die n tell die o not?
o just keep it quite..???
help me!!!
pale jepp asyik pk die jer...

adeh..! tagged lagi..


kali nih jepp kene tagged ngn kak ika lak...paper pon layan jew...

7 fakta tentang saya :

1- nama: Muhamad Jeffry
2- berumur ? bape ntah lpe...aahahaha..
3- lahir pada 18 feb 19??
4- lahir di hospital besar kuala lumpur
5- anak kedua dari empat beradik
6- saya kuat ngomel
7- saya baek hati


7 perkara menakutkan saya di dunia :

1- takut LIPAS *sanggup terjun bangunan..*
2- takut MATI *egt hidup jer susah? mati pon susah meyh*
3- takut hidup miskin *alemak...da bese idop senang la..*
4- takut xdpt jadi anak yang soleh (same cam kak ika)
5- takut saye ni jadi anak yg xbergune (masih same seperti kak ika)
6- takut kehilangan orang yang tersayang (family)
7- takut kene dump! *benci weyh!!*


7 lagu buat masa skrg :

1- cuba - Faizal Tahir
2- womaniser - Britney
3- when i grow up - PCD
4- hips dont lie - Shakira
5- berkecamuk hati(tajuk die mende eh?) - hujan
6- hujan - Sudirman
7- slumber -OAG


7 perkara selalu sebut :

1- assalamualaikum
2- weyh!
3- gile!
4- dushdush...
5- gapo?
6- hot!
7- aku lapo!!!


7 perkara yang amat bernilai :

1- nyawa
2- keluarga saya,mama,kakak,ajeem,aman,nenek n all
3- maruah akuh larh!!
4- kawan baek!!!!!!!!
5- duet,kad pengenalan, n my stuff la..
6- cinta yang tulus ag suci!!!
7- memory zaman silam...


7 pertama kali dalam hidup saya :

1- pergi Los Angeles
2- pergi Aussie pada umo 9 tahun n 19 tahun..=]
3- kenal kak ika yg bagi tagged ni kt SAMER..
4- berlakon n jadi hero ntok short film 4 m'sian short film fest..
5- pergi India
6- pergi Indonesia
7- hidap seafood alergy!! *shit! benci!!*


7 org bertuah menjawab tag ni :

1- you
2- anta
3- kamu
4- boi @
5- F @
6- pakwe @
7- jim @

tiada lagi rambut gold


ta silap jepp baru bape ari jepp letak entry "tiada lagi rambut hitam" now da ubah lak..jepp da tukar color rambut lagi...kali ketiga...1st ungu tp tanampak..then turs turn to gold..gilegile nampak..pastu aritu jaja kawan bek jepp mintak tulun kalerkn rambut die kaler ungu..ade baki lebihan jepp saje letak kt rambut gold jepp..pergh..hasil yg kuar amat membanggekn...

sebelum sebelum



matilew aku pasni...mane ta nyer..asyik tukar kaler..lastlast tiade rambut suda...akibat suke bebnor kaler rambut ikut nafsu...but ok ker idok eh?

tag from neO andersOn


kene lagi tagged jejepp nih...adeh...layan..

Named 5 people you can think of right on the top of your head..Dont' read the question underneath until you write the name of all 5 people. This is a lot funnier if you write the name randomly. No Cheating!!

1. Jaja

2. Yana

3. Azmir

4. Adibadam

5. tuty

Question 1 : How do you meet 1?

hah? i met her at PTPL college...at that time kt kolej ade buat ape ntah..then aku digabung kn oleh minah senget ni..tu la how i met her..

Question 2 : On the scale from 1-10..How you rate your relationship with 1?

10 - she is perfectly understanding n so demanding..nk lempang jer ase..

Question 3 : How long have u known 4?

for about 2 years maybe..forgot la...

Question 4 : How do you know number 3?

from college jugak...my classmate meyh!

Question 5 : Where is 5?

si gile nih skunk nih (9.00p.m 13/11/08) die ade kt umah kakak die..g amik barang katenyer

Question 6 : A fact about number 1?

she is so kuat makan...same like me la..

Question 7 : Who is no 4 going out with?

ntah la..byk sgt scandal die tuh..tapaham gueh..

Question 8 : What does no1 do for living?

whining,eating,demanding,sleeping,ngumpating...ahaha..sorry ja...

Question 9 : Would you live with number 3?

ahaha..ofkos..da la satu kelas,satu kepala, satu group..senang nk wat keje meyh...

Question 12 : Would you make out with number 4?

pale hotak hang!!!!

Question 13 : What your opinion about number 2?

she is same like no 1..mmg sebijik la..tp die ni lagi kuat membebel..benanah telinge weyh...tp baik hati...selalu mendahulukn aku n no 1..baik kn die?

Question 14 : What's your favorite memory with number 5?

memandangkn die hairdresser aku..so favourite memory ialah die selalu menjadikn rambut aku sentiasa gempak dimata masyarakat...sweet ape..

Question 15 : What would you do if number 1 going out with number 2?

pale jimbit ko! lesbian la nanti begOk!

Question 16 : Ever had a long conversation with number 5?

selalu...sampai berbuih mulut...rokok berkotakkotak kotowg isap...weeee...

Question 17 : Have you ever slept at number 2's house?

da bosan tido ngn die...sedarsedar aku kt kaki die..makhluk tido lasak mmg camtu..ahahaha...

Question 18 : Do you hang out with number 3 often?

boleh la..but seem college da start nih..lagi rajin la hangout ngn die..g giant makan..then g ngurat owg..then masih tak dilupekn wat asgmt sesame...

Question 19 : Who do u known the longest?

all of them i kenal hampir 2 tahun..so...same jer...kenal dlm satu mase yg same but time berbeza...but no 1 n no 2 la longest kowt..lope la..no 5 kowt..eish penin aku...

Question 20 : How often do u talk to number 1?

tiaptiap ari tatap wajah die..takan kitowg nk senyap..sahsah duedue mulut murai...ahahaha..nk tanye lagi?

Question 21 : What about number 2?

same jer ngn no 1 tu..

Question 22 : Have you ever thought number 3 as a friend?

yes ofkos..furthermore da macam abg aku da...

Question 23 : Maybe you want to go out with number 5 as a date?

betol gak..nti aku try keyh..ahahaha..

Question 24 : Do u dream about number 2?

ape yang aku nk dream ttg die eh? hmmm...ntah r...

Question 26 : What have you done to number 1 that she never forget?

byk bende kitowg wat sesame...lu pk la sdiri..

Question 27 : What is number 3's hobby?


Question 28 : Who do you want to tag?

F @ http://ftotheworld.blogspot.com/
Fickh @ http://fickph.blogspot.com/
Kak Ika @ http://zulaikha-zulkifli.blogspot.com/

5 things bout the jejepp


jejepp telah ditagged oleh F...so need to replied...ahahaha..

5 Things In My Bag

1. DKNY be delicious *nak wangi sentiase ler katekn..*
2. tissue *masalah perpeluhan yg ta dpt dbendung..*
3. note n ballpen *sgt gegeh menulis notanota penting katenyer..*
4. rokok n lighter *kewajiban seorang perokok meyh..*
5. gatsby wax *rambut wajib tegak la..ahahah*

5 Things In My Wallet

1. cash *tade cash matilew aku..*
2. mykad n license *tande jepp rakyat m'sia ler..8
3. debit MASTERcard n debit VISAcard *senang nk shoppink meyh..*
4. student card *pelajar contoh sgt..ahaha..*
5. business card *pekerja berdedikasi nih..*

5 Favourite Things Dalam Bilik

1. nyetnyet *anak patong monyet jepp..*
2. bantal yang banyak *tabiat suke memeluk yang hebat..*
3. laptop n broadband *punca rezeki n teman setia..*
4. kerusi *mangse letak laptop gueh..*
5. cermin ajaib *supaya sentiasa terampil macho..ahahaha..*

5 Things yang Ingin Dilakukan

1. abiskan blajar *harus!!*
2. dok kt aussie *atas dorongan mama gueh!*
3. memperluaskan name jepp *berangan nk popular larh..*
4. berKahwin kt paris pastu hOneymooN kt Maldive *berangan lagih!*
5. belikan mama sebuah banglo 3 tingkat yang ade 10 bedroom *hadiah untuk mama sebab membesarkan jepp ngn jayanye...ahaha..*

5 Things yang Sering Dilakukan

1. tido... *paling fevret*
2. jadi kelawar *active diwaktu malam..ahaha..*
3. jmpe scandal *kantoi suda..*
4. masak *ade gaye..*
5. ngumpat *paling besh..*

Im Tagging
neoanderson @ http://listlessjourney.blogspot.com/
pakwe @ http://pakweku.blogspot.com/
jim @ http://dukelucedellamore.blogspot.com/

Kisah Schedule Semester 4..


aDeh! saket ati jepp ble dpt jadual...bukan per..tgk jadual tu terus saket aty! gewam weyh..x fair!!! pekate kowg tgk..perghh...menyampah! tp jadua; nih jepp type balik...ye la kalo nk scan segale maleh den aih...


nk dijadikn cite plak..mmg panjang...ye jepp ngaku...mentor jepp bg jadual khas ngan handwirting die sendiri(padahal atas desakan jepp)...ahahaha..yer la..jepp da la tataw nk amik jadual yg mane kt schedule board tuh..melambak kowt jadual..pastu ape ag..jepp callingcalling la mentor..."cik, jadual sy yg mane? keliru la, cik bg sy jadual nanti boleh?" itu jer mampu aku buat(sebab malas bg mentor makan gaji bute...ahahah..)

tibe sok arinyer mentor call.."salam..Jeffry..jumpe ptg ni ye sy nk pa jadual kt awak.." tamat disitu..sambung petang lak..."kamu nih bertuah betol la Jeffry..menteementee saye yg len tade sy nk layan mcm awak.." jepp senyum kambing pastu amik jadual yg dibuat khas oleh mentor tersebut...time tu amik terus blah...

sekali da balik umah 2 hari..baru pasan...cam ade something wrong ngn jadual tuh...so...wat mase nih jepp follow jadual nih..if ade pertukaran jepp wat entry ntok jadual tu eh...

grrrr... tention! tention! tention!

tiada lagi rambut hitam


lame nyer ta update blog...ahahaha...entry kali nih best...tade ar best mane..tp...rambut itam gue suda tiada...penampilan kali ini berbeza..tade la beza mane..jepp memang salu kaler ghambut pon..cume kali nih kasi gegar n gempak jer..

nih pic b4..

itamnyer rambut gueh...

then nih lak pic after kaler..

uhuhu...blond bah....

huhuuhhu...jepp da lame ta wat gempak cani..hampir setaun ta kaler rambut..so..skali kaler...da cam mat saleh sudah...

nih jepp nk bg tgk pic while doing the hair colour...


cost nk buat nih suppose adalah rm100 or more...butbut...jepp regular customer n adik agkt tokeh...so jepp dpt rm30 jer....uhuhuuhu...lebey kurang g bli hair colour sendiri...tol x? tp price rm30 tuh ntok jepp jer...uhuhuhu...

nih lak my hair stylish n hair dresser..syg die dowh..kami sekepale...sangat suke bergosip n ngumpat...tuh la hobi kami ble bjumpe...pantang jumpe mesti ade subjek or topic..per ag...potpet potpet jer ar..ahahaha..

tutty...i love u weyh!!!

uhuhuh...tutty nih besh!!! same ronggeng!!! so sesape nk n ade keinginan nk kaler rambut boleh la hubungi jepp..then jepp try dptkn harge murah ntok kowg..amacam? set? huhuuhuh...