How to become a model


nih jepp nk share kt kekawan sume..hehehe...sajer je nk letak entry nih...jepp taw dlm setiap hati manusia mesti nk jadi model..tak kire la model ape...yang pending nk jd model...

model nih bg jepp cam idola la gak..coz ape yg model selalu buat akan menjadi ikutan kepada mereka yang minat model tersebut...kowunk layan la cane nk jadi model yg gempak...=]

The 14 MUST KNOW SECRETS to becoming a professional model

Lets get this straight... YOU CAN BECOME A MODEL!!!

There is a common misconception about the modeling business...

The misconception being... "You must be super skinny, super tall and super sexy to become a model".


And it is especially not true, Right Now!!!

If you look at hundreds of different TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards... you will see that every different look is being used in advertising.

The truth is, that advertisers need to target every different group of people in our society! And you are a part of our vast society as well!!

There are people that like the same things as you and that think, dress and look similar to you too! These are who you will market the best to!

And especially now a days the variety in models is huge... There is a huge demand for normal average looking people.

Just the other day, I was informed of a casting for a glasses commercial. The client specifically stated that the model must wear glasses in real life and that they needed to be...JUST AVERAGE looking

And of course there is always work for people who are naturally... sexy.

to be a model, YOU need to be the one with the pure confidence and fearlessness.

YOU need to have more confidence than the agents and clients you meet. They need to want YOU, because of how YOU make them feel

*Note: Sexy is not so much a look, as it is a personality!

so pe ag..kowunk g la mane2 agensi model n daftar untuk diri kowunk...huhuhu..jepp da de modeling pple...

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