Part 1 - Juliet the Orange [eyelash]


hallo again my dear kawankawun...the title that jepp pilih is the title of my first MTV CLIP VIDEO..ahaha..this shooting occured around MARCH 2007...the one yang invite me to be the hero of this CLIP VIDEO is my best friend n partner and also my best MR. DIRECTOR named by NAJIB RIDUAN or known as NEO ANDERSON..mamat nih kununkunun nk jadi mat salleh celop..tak ley bla..but however pon he is still my u guys can see the project begin..

Title: Eyelash by Juliet the orange re-makin for the MTV Asia young filmaker category.
Remarks: We shoot about 3 days starts from 21 until 23 march. The director intended to tell the story how he suffers after the break up from his very first love.
Concept: Story telling, and we're doing an experimental motion picture effect. Hollywood comes to Malaysia Dude...!!!
Director: Neo Anderson


A beautiful psychotic set. A numberous of fire burning case reported this time.that chin is my producer mayh...

ahaha..heroinnyer muke cam hantu.. artis. (great cobination)

A live camera effect done by mr director. WALLA...!!!

The psycho model tries to seduce mr. director. Try me baby...

A big happy family...Miss this moment.

A joyful face after first day wrapped.

A burned towel, the lighting failure. Roti Telur....


kami kawan baek weyh!!

unexpected photo snapping.muke cam gampang jerk.

craze tyme!!!

dis is my makeup artis.lea chomel da gedikz.ahahaha..

muke tention.nk shoot jer ttbe ujan.Outdoor scene around Central Market and Chow Kit.

A Director of Photography from Mumbai, Penang.

A beautiful super sexy diva. Honey. she is our lipsinging artis .Love you so much.

Everybody going crazy, we done a very good job...

The Eyelash Family, sume jadi gile on the wrapped tyme..yeah!


uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...jepp rindu gle saatsaat happy nih..bytheway this is my 1st tyme to be a clip video artis...i'l grow up and learn n learn to be a perfectioniestah!! ahaha..

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