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masturbation (melancap)


hallo sume..jepp ade 1 topik yang agak menarik n paling penting benda nih menjadi 1 benda normal bagi lelaki yang kegersangan..ahahaha...just admit that u had done it guyz..tayah nk selindung.. berpijak pada bumi yang nyata..ahaha...okeh2 now we get back to the point...act jepp tlg kawan wat research bout sex embracing..than tjumpe topic hangat nih...nah...mendapat..jum kte amik taw bout MELANCAP nih...

Why do we melancap ek?
Masturbation is the deliberate stimulation of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal for pleasure and orgasm...menarik tuh sebab utame nyer...okeh2 continue...

It is done at least occasionally by a large majority of both men and women. In one recent national survey study, 95 percent of men and 89 percent of women reported having masturbated (sungguh tak ku sangka...ahahahaha...). It is the first deliberate self-gratification sexual act for the majority of men Most men who masturbate usually do so more often than women, and they are much more likely to experience orgasm when they masturbate than women.

Next to sexual intercourse, masturbation is the second most common form of sexual behaviour even among men that have a regular sexual partner. Even young children find the stimulation of their genitals pleasing although they do not recognize this as "sexual" until early adolescence. Once adolescence is reached however, masturbation increases dramatically for both sexes and often continues throughout life.

The male sexual organs are designed to do two things: make sperm and semen, and ejaculate it out of the body (erti kate laen...guys kalo nk mlancap tuh mmg boleyh la..takde apeape effect pon...coz dah tu kgunaan boboi lakilaki..ahahaha...kantaoi...). Once the semen and sperm are out of the penis, the body doesn't care what happens. The sex organs don't know and don't care what the source of the sexual stimulation is. Young men will sometimes get erections as a result of vigorous physical activity, even in the absence of any specifically sexual stimulation. Most young men experience spontaneous erections when they were not consciously thinking sexual thoughts or doing anything to stimulate them. The male body does not know or care whether the semen ends up in a vagina or a throat or an anal cavity or in a tissue. In other words, so far as the body is concerned, masturbation is exactly the same as any other kind of sex. Masturbation is real sex (meaning to say juga...melancap adalah master ataw kepala pade semua jenis sex! menarek!).

What are the masturbation myths, beliefs and fables?
masturbateOver the centuries, the term masturbation has conjured up many myths, beliefs and fables about its damaging and debasing nature. Such negative images can be traced way back to the word's Latin origin, masturbare, which is a combination of two Latin words, manus (hand) and stuprare (defile), thus "to defile with the hand." So the notion of shame and uncleanliness implied by the defiling portion of the word has been carried through to the modern translation(menakowtkn l;a plak bile bace myths bout mlancap nih...uwaaaa...=[...). However for some time now, medical authorities have been in agreement that masturbation causes no physical or mental harm(yeah!! bagus larh dokterdokter skunk...pandai wat boleyh la mlancap...kantoi!). Nor is there any evidence that children who engage in self-gratification are in any way harmed by it. So why is this important source of sexual pleasure still regarded by some with guilt and anxiety? Centuries of strict religious teaching that masturbation is sinful coupled with ignorance of the fact that masturbation is not harmful have kept this guilt and anxiety alive. As well many have received negative masturbation comments from parents as they grew up or were admonished if they were caught masturbating. Putting all these influences together, it is not surprising that confusion and guilt often surrounds the act of masturbation.

Questions about masturbation (tajuk nih best...layannn..)
For centuries scare tactics have been used to discourage boys from masturbating. Here are our answers to these often silly tactics aslong with general questions about masturbation..

Is masturbation harmful? No
Can I catch a disease from masturbation? No
Will my penis change size if I masturbate? It will get larger but only until orgasm.
Can I masturbate too much? Generally no unless you greatly overdo it and it becomes compulsive.
Can I get sick from eating my cum? No, unless the thought disgusts you.
Will I go blind if I masturbate? No
Will masturbation make me go bald? No
Will I grow hair on my palms if I masturbate? No
Does masturbation cause zits? No
Will my penis fall off if I masturbate too much? No
Will my doctor know if I have been masturbating? Not if you wiped the cum off your pants.
Will my parents know I have been masturbating? Not if you clean up properly and flush the Kleenex used for cleanup down the toilet. Still they might guess you are doing it since almost all boys do.
Will my mother smell cum in my room? Possibly as some people are very sensitive to the smell of cum. Use an air freshener.
What happens to all the cum I am producing if I don't masturbate? The body just reabsorbs the unused sperm.
Will I stop having wet dreams if I masturbate? Possibly but some males can masturbate and still have wet dreams. Others never have a wet dream.
Will I become gay if I masturbate? No.
so kenyataan menyatakan bahawa melancap tidak akan mendapat apeape efek negative tapitapi selagi dalam keadaan yang hygiene larh! okeyh!

Masturbation tips(tiptip melancap...ade jugak tuh!)
Its best to keep your fingernails short(kuku mesti pendek...takowt kunk luke larh...huhuhu...)
Do not grip the penis too tightly(jangan gengam boboi kuat2...okeyhokeyh...). Doing so can cause bruises or rupture surface blood vessels.
Use an oil-based lubricant like Vaseline or cocoa-butter etc. Do NOT use these with condoms however.
Keep the penis clean before and after the act.

Techniques(teknik mlancap nih saje tamau amek pusing...kowang bace arh sendirik! penting tuh...macam mane nak melancap ngan berjaye...ahahahaha..)

Single fist:

This is the most common male masturbation technique. Just wrap your fingers around your erect penis firmly and slide your hand up and down over your cock. This technique produces the most contact between your hand and your penis.

Fist over Fist:
In this technique you alternate fists, sliding first one and then the other from the base of the penis to the tip. In this way you can strike up a similar rhythm to that of the single fisted method. For variety, try moving one fist upwards and the other downwards.

Double Fisting:
If your penis is of a fairly large size, you may be able to place both of your fists on your penis at the same time and slide them back and forth on your penis at the same time.

Finger Techniques:
There are many variations of the finger techniques which usually only vary by position of a finger or thumb and can depend on the firmness of the grip. Here are a few examples for you to try. You can try experimenting with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Two Fingers:
This method generally uses just the thumb and forefinger and can be substituted for the single hand. You can stroke the shaft from base to tip or just run the thumb and forefinger back and forth over just the head of the penis.

Thumb and Fingers:
Encircle your penis with the thumb and two fingers from each hand. Then stroke up and down, varying the speed and the pressure until you reach orgasm.

You place a couple of pillows on the bed or location of your choice and insert your penis in between them. Then thrust your penis in and out simulating intercourse.

Masturbation with Anal (maen bontot!!!!) Stimulation
Sometimes, people like to experiment with their anus whilst masturbating. Reasons for doing it include: it often intensifies the orgasm, it makes the person more 'ready' and prepared for anal sex or simply for experimentation.
In most cases, stimulating the anus will result in a more pleasurable orgasm. Sometimes, people simulate anal sex by putting objects into the anus. Why does it feel good? The prostrate is located within the anus, which is where your semen (cum) is stored. Sometimes, the rubbing of this alone is enough to bring the male to orgasm.

testes and scrotumWhat should I use? It is common to simply use your fingers. Start by feeling around with one finger, then use two. Perhaps start to move in and out gently and slowly. If it hurts, stop. If you are still comfortable, insert more fingers. Once you get up to 3 fingers, this is roughly the size of an erect penis. Ensure that your finger nails are cut short. It is a good idea to always use some sort of lube - it makes it MUCH less painful. Often soap or Vaseline is often used, but remember NOT to use oil based lubes like Vaseline with condoms!

Be careful what you put in the anus. Objects such as carrots or tapered candles can break inside the anus(ahahaha...taksangke ade gak batang lilin wat ntok masuk kt bontot!! goli den!!!). You do not want to have visit the emergency department at a hospital to explain that you have part of a carrot or candle in your rectum because you were masturbating. Instead, get a dildo(kawan aku name aneep ader...die suke maen ngan dildo...pale otak die mmg gilegile...aku suke..ahahaha...). They are designed to be put in the anus. They are unlikely to snap, and will feel good. They will also be about the right size and are probably the safest option. Most dildos have a notch at the end, so that the dildo cannot be completely inserted, and can always be removed - try to purchase one of these. Admittedly, it is illegal for an under 18 year old (in some places) to purchase a dildo. Until then, we recommend you simply use fingers.

done!!! abeyh da bab
MELANCAP hope kowg take it as INFORMATION...jgn nk bpikiran kampong! nape jepp letak tajuk nih kt blog jepp kayh! (picturepicture tuh mmg picture kote jer ade pukinyer die ta tunjuk lak!! bgang gak!! tp tape aku bangge aku ade kote!! ahahahaha..)

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