Part 2 - Juliet the Orange [eyelash]


Now jepp nk sambung part is still bout MTV CLIP VIDEO tuh but now is the hasil of the workhard yang telah dilakukan oleyh pihak director,editor,n sume lah...jepp just nk tunjuk hasil clip video tuh kt kamukamu diluar sane..but not in clp video but in picture...okeyh?

Finally, after a month of hardwork, with great visual effect and continuity.

Director- Neo Anderson
1st Ast Director- Myra Yusof
2nd Ast Director- Emelda
Editor- Jasdev singh
Special effect- Mak Kum SHi
Wardrobe- Kie Bridal boutique
Accesories-Valerie shuqi, Ferry seri karisma, shasha kecut
make up and hairdo- lea comel
Vocal and diction coach- Myra Yusof
Lighting- Jasdev singh
Talent- Mohd Jeffry, Tasha,Hanie

PROUD OF IT....!!!

FYI..all this pic jepp amek kt mr director nyer]

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