happy birthday sayang


last saturday we've celebrated ur birthday at someplace, and at the actual day me n ur mom had planned to celebrate it again for the sake of ur birthday, im sorry i dunno know that ur mom planned it for angah to, the day before and the actual day and the day after i was by ur side, watching u sleeping with those smiles, it makes me luv u so much and even more, sayang, i really love u.

with some riddle that i gave u, just only to let u get ur simple love shaped origami that i made by my bare hand, i hope u enjoy playing the riddle and keep the love shaped origami my love.

to be honest, i've never seen u smile so much and unstoppable, u keep smiling and thanking me to be ur lover and everything, it makes me thinking either, i dont want to lose u, indeed i love u so much.

here i've inserted the "happy birthday song" for u..

happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to you..
happy birthday to my sayang...
happy birthday to you..

my baby love was born on 26 julai 198+
sayang da tua...

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  Duke Luce Dell'amore

July 28, 2009 at 10:03 PM

Happy Besday to ur baby! gitu!

sape r agaknya tu kn??
rsnya someone pernah tunjukkn kt jim..tp jim xcam & xknal pun..wawawa...


July 29, 2009 at 4:20 PM

so sweet!